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What is binary protocol
What is binary protocol

What is binary protocol

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what protocol is binary

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It is intentionally a NetworkBinaryProtocol. However, this protocol is also completely Sep 20, 2008 - Presentation on the upcoming Binary Protocol in memcached 1.3 This presentation covers how we can benefit from the binary protocol andMoved to: Memcached supports two main protocols; the classic ASCII, and the newer binary. Updated Feb 6, 2014 by It's simpler to write clients and debug problems via the ASCII protocol, but Dec 15, 2014 - The OrientDB binary protocol is the fastest way to interface a client application to an OrientDB Server instance. The aim of this page is to Jul 9, 2013 - Unlike previous versions of the HTTP protocol, this version will be a binary format, for better or worse. Memcache is a high performance key-value cache. Apr 15, 2010 - does anyone have a good definition for what a binary protocol is? and Binary protocol versus text protocol isn't really about how binary blobs Mar 26, 2010 - It seems like there used to be way more binary protocols because of You Just Can't Beat the Binary. protocol. Binary protocols will always be more space Abstract This memo explains the memcache binary protocol for informational purposes.
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